ConText Editorial Services offers the following services:

Copyediting | Substantive editing | ESL (Translation) editing
Proofreading | Research/Fact-checking


  • Editing text, line by line, to ensure proper grammar, syntax, readability, and usage
  • Checking for correct punctuation, spelling, sentence construction, active/passive voice, consistency, clarity, adherence to house style, and other editorial matters as needed
  • Maintaining consistent house style
  • Ensuring clear author “voice”
  • Eliminating bias and jargon
  • Querying author(s) for clarification and incorporating author review
  • Creating a thorough style sheet to ensure consistency of styles and conventions
  • Always serving as the “reader’s advocate”
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Substantive editing

  • Analyzing content for structure, logic, completeness, and tone
  • Working with the author(s) to reorganize text and rephrase where needed
  • Fixing awkward phrasing, inconsistencies in style, and unclear writing
  • Improving the logic and flow of sentences, paragraphs, and entire manuscripts
  • Ensuring that text is appropriate for its target audience
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ESL (Translation) editing

  • “Translating” text written by non-native English-speakers into standard English
  • Ensuring that documents are appropriate for American readers or customized for international clients
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  • Serving as a “safety net” to identify typographical errors, formatting errors, or other problems not caught during copyediting
  • Comparing page proofs with written manuscript
  • Checking design and layout elements: figure quality and placement, running headers and footers, widows and orphans, word breaks, head levels, and so on
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  • Checking proper names, dates, website addresses, and other data
  • Verifying facts, references, quotations, and citations
  • Ensuring internal consistency of facts and data
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